Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado

Marijuana-leafStarting on January 1 of this year marijuana became completely legal to buy in the state of Colorado.  The lines were incredible.  Supposedly around $1m of business was done on the first day.  My guess is that initial surge of excitement will die down.

There are certainly a lot of naysayers in regards to the legalization of marijuana.  I am not one of them.  After reading David Brooks OpEd in the NYTImes; Weed – Been There, Done That I felt compelled to write something.  Brooks basically writes that he got stoned in his youth and he realized that smoking pot was juvenile.  It was fun for a bit but eventually he moved on because people who don't get stoned choose a better life for themselves.  He doesn't find it pleasureable and believes people should be discouraged from using weed.  

I wonder if David Brooks has a few drinks at the end of the day to unwind?  I am fully aware that many people believe that marijuana is not the same comparison yet there is nothing worse than alcohol addicition or even waking up from too many drinks the night before. Many studies say that marijuana leads to heavier drug use but what percentage?  I know many people who smoke and continue to smoke years after college and as they get older they use it like having a stiff drink at the end of the day or even a glass of wine.  Every one is different and many may disagree with me but that is my own experience.    

To me the pros outweigh the cons in legalizing marijuana.  There is a demand for recreational smoking and with that there will always be a supply.  Having the Government control the supply is a good thing. The tax benefits for each state will be enormous and Colorado is putting theirs directly into education which is a win win for everyone.  I am pretty confident in saying that the state of Colorado will not turn into a bunch of stoners who become unproductive citizens.  

There are no doubt cons but there are with anything.  We are watching gay marriage become legal in almost every state (thank god) and if I was a betting person I would bet that we will see the same thing with the legalization of marijuana.