How life has changed with the Internet

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We all know that the way we take in content, shop and communicate has changed significantly over the past decade thanks to technology and the internet. 

I was talking to Dan Delaney of Delaney BBQ this past week about a change he made in his website and the impact on the business. 

Dan owns a killer BBQ restaurant in Williamsburg.  He has gone through many of the frustrations that a first time restaurant owners goes through.  Somethings work and others do not but the key is being able to change when things need changing.  Dan has learned on the ground through trial and error which is a true credit to himself.

He has had a hard time growing the catering business.  He has gone through two sales people.  The last one had made hundreds of cold calls.  Nothing stuck.  This sales person was extremely frustrated and they decided to part ways. 

Dan's office is out of his apartment right now and he took a few days to redesign the website.  He highlighted catering at the top.  When he was finished he relaunched the website.  Within a day someone had filled out the information for a wedding.  He landed a catered event.  Dan is a curious guy and he knows something about the web so he took out a few ads on Facebook.  Within two weeks he had over $100K in the pipeline on catering. 

I keep thinking about this.  There is no doubt that teens have stopped going to the mall because the mall is in their phone.  People are buying more on-line than in stores because it is being made easier every day.  People are also pulling together their events on-line with pure ease vs having to call and actually talk to someone.  Venuebook is making it easier for people to just book their event spaces on line.  People who book online generally make the transaction within 24 hours of deciding on the space vs a week or more with several follow-up phones calls off-line. 

Dan proved that he can do more business on-line than with a person dialing for events and that effort shifts his entire work organization chart.  It also adds to the bottom line. 

I just love the Internet.