Food in an around Laguna

I have a long history with Laguna.  My Grandmother moved to Laguna when she had enough of the cold. She had always gone back and forth from DC to LA.  We are from LA so Florida wasn't even a thought.  When I was in college I spent my first semester of my senior year working for Robinsons in Los Angeles.  Fred spent the majority of the time with me deciding not to graduate in 3.5 years.  All he had left was his thesis but once he got off the plane he decided why not just stay and finish his thesis when I went back to finish college too.  We visited my Grandmother often so it is fun to return to that area and certainly see the development that has gone on over the last 25 years.

Zinc cafe
I wish I could write about something that rocked our world but I can't.  We are insanely spoiled in NYC.  A few highlights.  Breakfast at Zinc Cafe in Laguna.  We also went to Anastasia in Laguna which we had been to years ago when were in Laguna for a wedding.  I like that you can eat on one side and shop on the other but the food is just ok.  This breakfast bar at Zinc was quite good.  Tastes like mandel bread loaded with dried fruit.  Made me want to go home and whip up some mandel bread.

I wish I could recommend some restaurants for dinner but I can't.  There was a store I wanted to check out in Newport Beach so we drove up there one day and had lunch too.  Searched for the best fish tacos in Newport and this is what came up.  The Bear Flag Fish company.  There was a line at noon so that is always a good sign.  Somethings were better than others.  It is essentially a restaurant that also sells fish.  

Here is the grill for the tacos and the fish.  

We had swordfish tacos with avacado.  

Fresh coconut water and poke.  They have both salmon and tuna poke so we tried both.

The chips are excellent.  Might have to find these online and buy them.

Grilled artichokes
The grilled artichoke is a nice touch.  Steamed and then finished off on the grill.  Might do that myself.  

Probably our best lunch there.  Definitely gives you a little bit of the local Newport flavor too.