Interviewing candidates for a job

ImagesInterviewing candidates for a job in your company is exciting on one hand but nail biting on the other because essentially you want to make the right choice.  I am a big fan of the saying hire slowly and fire quickly because a bad hire can disrupt the company in so many ways.  It is important that the person you hire in any capacity fits into the company.  The culture of the company is so key.  If everyone does lunch together on Fridays and someone doesn't want to be part of that then they are not the right fit for the company.  Happy people who are drinking the same kool-aid make for better organizations.

We were talking about the conversations that people have when interviewing a potential candidate.  Someone was given this advice which I thought was genius.  Ask the question "How lucky are you on a scale of 1-10"?  The answers you get are amazing.  Gives you real insight into a person.  Someone even suggested a simple question like "How is your handwriting"?  

Certainly getting someone to do a short project gives you insight too.  I also believe if you think they are the right person take them out for a drink before making the ask if this person is going to fill a major role in your company.  Not coffee but a real drink so guards are down.  You learn a lot.  

I went on an interview years ago and the person asked me one question.  He said "How organized are you"? I laughed out loud and answered with a look of are you kidding me and said "Very".  He basically said great, interview over, you are hired.  It ended up being a great job and I loved working for him.  

It is the simplicity of the question that can sometimes tell you more about the person on the other side of the table than anything else.