Pat LaFrieda Meats

boysPat LaFrieda Meats began its operation in 1922 opening up a butcher in Brooklyn.  He taught his boys the trade.  The original Pat LaFrieda, the grandfather, saw the opportunity to provide restaurants with meat and opened up his trade in the meat packing area of NYC.  His son became his partner and then his son taught the trade to his son, Pat LaFrieda Jr.  Pat LaFrieda Jr has been carving up meat since he was 10 years old.   Today this company is the premier purveyor of meats for the top restaurants in NYC and the country.

cowJosh and his friend Max have been working on a project for their last semester of high school writing a food blog.  They cook every day and they are really good.  They also try and do one event a week.  I asked Pat if I could bring them over for an afternoon to learn how to carve a steer.  What an amazing experience.  I actually think that Pat enjoyed himself as much as we all did.

fridgeThere are two huge refrigerators with aging steaks.

pullThe boys worked on this steer.  I do not think that any of us realized how huge it would be.

patHere is Pat working the machine.  He was a master with a knife.

It was an epic experience.  We will be talking about it for years to come.  It was just awesome