The Blue Note

bluenoteI grew up playing piano.  I played for years.  At one point I walked away and then returned because I found it cathartic.  My issue was that I always had a good ear and so I could listen to my fathers classical albums and sit down at the piano with the music in front of me without truly doing the hard work of practicing every day.  I was also blown away by people who music just came out of their body with very little effort.  Once I realized that I would never been like that because it just was not part of my DNA I got off the bench.

My Grandfather, who I never got to meet as he died when my father was a teenager, was a musician who wrote music and was in a band in Chicago with the top musicians of that time.  His parents said being a musician was not in his future but being a lawyer was.  We still have the music that he wrote.

There are a few musts in the Wilson house growing up and one of them is learning an instrument.  We all love listening to music and go to see live music all the time but having the knowledge of playing an instrument and reading music is important.  Jessica took piano and guitar,  Emily had a short lived try at piano, violin and guitar and Josh did piano for a short time but actually stuck with the drums.  He still plays today.  All of our kids definitely have an appreciation for music.

The other night we went to the Blue Note to see live jazz.  Live jazz is an art form.  You will never see that particular performance ever again because it is so free without any words or music sheets to follow.  We saw an incredible array of musicians that night.  I have total respect for what they do, the instruments they play and their love of music but not so sure I actually enjoy the music.  It is more of an appreciation.

It was quite the evening and am glad we went.  It is not my thing but to be able to walk from our apartment to see some of the finest jazz musicians in the world is pretty damn good.