What is the dream?

dream-content-analysisI worked with a coach last year who started by giving me a packet to fill out.  I had to write about my relationship to myself to my body to my career to money to family to friends to romance and to community.  There is definitely a method to the madness from my coach who is the entrepreneur behind the Handel Group.  I also wrote about my relationship to my parents, siblings, our children.  We dug into my my interests too.  Yet through all of this she kept asking me so what is the dream?

I had a really hard time with that.  I am so pragmatic that I kept telling her I can’t dream.  I would answer saying that I could not do the dream of opening of a restaurant because it wouldn’t work into my lifestyle anymore.  I couldn’t open up a store either because that wouldn’t work into my lifestyle either.   We talked for a few months and we both decided it was time to disconnect but I could always come back for a tune-up.  I saw myself better for who I am.  I am really glad that I spoke with her.

Fast forward I have never got the concept of the dream out of my head.  I sat down with someone else from her group that works with CEO’s and we talked about how they help CEO’s become better leaders.  As a coach it is not so important to understand the business world but to understand all the personal baggage that makes it difficult to be a leader.  Breaking that down is the key to success.  You bring it with you.  When we spoke he also brought up the dream.

I have been thinking a lot about the dream and the importance of the dream.  There is one entrepreneur that I work with who has gone through several iterations with her business.  It has not been pretty and it is been really hard on her.  I’d never count her out as she is really scrappy and focused on her product but I guarantee you that she can not explain what her dream is.  She is committed to being a consumer business without realizing that perhaps it should be a business to business company.  She has to decide what is the dream.  Sometimes you build something and you want to see it live but before you know it there is funding, people who are working for you and growth and it isn’t exactly what you dreamt about.  If you know what the dream is then those pieces of the ladder do not bother you as they are a means to the dream.

Another entrepreneur that I work with knows exactly what her dream is.  We were down at the stock exchange the other morning for a breakfast.  We were with a group of founders having a breakfast and getting a tour of the stock exchange.  We were going to see them ring the bell.  She said to me “you know it is my dream to ring that bell.  I want to do that”.  She knows exactly what her dream is. Growing her company to be so big that she can go public.  That is a pretty awesome dream and it helps her focus.  She knows that everything she does is working towards that dream.

I was talking about my dream with Fred when we walked home from dinner the other night.  There are some pragmatic pieces to it and I am not going to share what it is but now that I have a dream it certainly helps a lot of things fall into place.

DREAM..and more important dream big.