27+ years

Today Fred and I have been married for 27 years.  We have been friends for over 33.   That is a very long time.  I still remember when we first met, the first summer we spent together, the beginnings of our journey.

I can mark each time of our life with a title.  College, cross-country trip, move to NYC, starting our careers, moving to Brooklyn, having children, moving to the suburbs ( probably the most difficult time in our lives ), moving back to the city, new careers, etc.  There are many many more but those are some of the headers.  Now we are moving into the next chapter; empty nesters.

I really believe the key to our success is simple.  First of all we are good friends.  We have total respect for each other. We are both insanely competitive.  We love living our lives the same way; work hard and play hard.  Family has always come first.  We both enjoy the same things from travel to the latest restaurant to live music to the arts to skiing.  Most of all we enjoy each others company.

27 years, well 33 actually, seems like a long time but honestly I still feel like we are in many ways we are the same people we were when we first met just younger.  Much has happened along the way but in many ways we have just been having one endless conversation.