unnamedI heavily drink the Kool-aid on every company I invest in.  I try to be positive but sometimes I do comment when something tastes funny.  In the last few months I have jumped in to a few new investments but Lynxsy is one that I know fills a void in the market.

The reality is that in the next few years almost 40% of the workforce will be freelancers.  People graduating college are seeking opportunities that they are passionate about.  Most college seniors are not spending time in the college career office interviewing for jobs.  The companies that show up in those offices are large corporate companies such as Verizon, IBM and Goldman Sachs.  The companies that students want to show up are FourSquare, Twitter, Vox Media, littleBits and Le Tote.  They are even looking for start-up companies in different areas from fashion to hard goods to media to food to skincare.

imgresEach of these companies have unique cultures.  Many of the first hires out of school stay a few months while others stay on full time.  Each of those young graduates are trying to find a place where they can learn, connect with a culture and mentally grow.  They are bright eyed and bushy tailed with a desire to plunge into the new economy.  It is just too costly for the companies who begin with 5 people today and have 50 within a year to spend time trying to recruit young graduates.  That is where Lynxsy comes in.

postit3-6ba101b2ec6e16e8f4afad69ceaa6651How great would it be if that at every college career center would begin with changing the name of the department to something like future life center.  There would be in a table at each center with microphones, small video cameras and desk tops.  Each student would sign up for LinkedIn to create their resume and contact info and create a short video on themselves.  They would take that info and upload it to Lynxsy and within a short amount of time be accepted into the pool.  Then companies, both small and medium could use that tool to find college seniors who are going to graduate looking for the right opportunity.   Eventually a match would be made.  The cost to the companies would be low and the upside would be high.

There are plenty of interesting jobs out there but finding the right people to fill them is not so simple.  Lynxsy is the perfect solution.