Seizing the moment

imgresAs we all begin to wind down the summer we all see our email boxes start to peter off, the social media begin to quiet down and the instagram photos scream vacation.

I have been thinking a lot about participation vs observation and the importance of the first vs the latter.  It seems to me that there has been an insane surge of observation and we are all begging for and needing a little more participation.  There are a lot of clues in trends that are happening that speak to that.

When I see families out for dinner and everyone is peering at their phones it upsets me.  When I go to a board meeting and people are on their phones more than they are participating in the conversation it angers me.  I know I will make notes to myself on my phone or look up something that is worthy to the meeting but I really do put the phone away.  It isn’t right.   Even when you go to a museum and people are just posting away and not truly enjoying the moment and the experience they are having.

I had a conversation with an editor at Eater about the importance of sitting down for a meal with friends and family.  I continue to think about it.  Why is it important to sit down and have that meal.  I think it comes down to seizing the moment.  Participating in conversation.  It could be about anything from books to movies to the meal you are having or the political landscape but those conversations are important.  People tend to look back at those times with fond memories.  I have yet to see anyone look back at a snap chat, an instagram or a blog post with fond memories.  It is the human connection and those human conversations that I find much more interesting and memorable than the screen of my phone.

Hoping to seize the moment often as the summer winds down.