the Telecharge site sucks – a mild rant

images-1Last night I spent more than 15 minutes attempting to buy two theater tickets on Telecharge.  I could be wrong but I believe Telecharge was one of the earlier companies on the web.  Makes total sense.  Why employ an entire group of people to answer the phone when you could build a totally user friendly streamless system online.   You could even have your own account and make life even easier.  Transactions could take place often and quickly.

I do have an account at Telecharge.  Here are the 5 security questions they asked me to get thru the firewall after entering my log- in ID 3 times until it took.

1 – what is your favorite color?  2 – what was the street you grew up on?  3 – where did you grow up?  4 – what was your first pets name? 5 – what is your favorite food?

I want to ponder those questions considering I had to answer them probably over a decade ago.  Hmm.  Favorite color?  I guessed.  I grew up on several streets so I wasn’t sure which one.  I grew up in several places too so that was a reach.  I can’t remember my first pets name.  My favorite food?  Depends on the season and the week.   Who the hell came up with these questions?

Let’s move on.  I finally figured it out and I ended up having to enter numbers 4 times to prove that I was an actual person.  Then I got the tickets and moved forward.  Question before paying was where was I staying and the number so they could reach me if something was changed.  Hmmm.  Well I live in NYC so I put in home and my number.  Did not work.  I put in I want to pick up the tickets at the theater.  Did not work.  Then I entered a random hotel and my cell and that did not work either.  At this point I had been on the site for 10 minutes and decided to call.

I called and got a very snippy man on the phone.  He told me that he could not find the seats that I wanted because now they were locked in the system for another 10 minutes even though I did not purchase them.  OMG.  I told him how frustrated I was with the site so he put me through to customer service.  A super nice woman who understood where I was coming from.  That took some time though because she had to enter everything in.  Arrrghh.

20 minutes plus I got my tickets.  Here is the only bonus.  When she told me that they have a deal with AMEX and they can actually use my miles if I wanted and I loved that.  Have miles that I never use.  Maybe more theater tickets in my future this year but my concern is that my blood pressure will go through the roof having to deal with the transaction.