Sometimes plans change

biaritzI have been in this movie with Fred more times than I’d care to admit.  Good thing is that I know how it ends.  I knew that Fred was not psyched about the last week of our journey.  As much as he had this romantic notion of driving through the countryside of Europe it is not always that romantic.  Sometimes there are beautiful sweeping views and other times it is merely a highway.  Some of the drives are long.  I saw this coming.

I got up the last morning of our time in San Sebastian all ready to pack it up and drive towards Portugal.  Here is the gist of the conversation.

F – I really do not want to drive anymore.  Well maybe we could regroup and fly?

Me – Fly?  We have a car that we have to drop off so how is that happening?

F- We would have to drive somewhere and drop it off and then get on a plane and then take two flights to get to Portugal.

Me – Not happening.

F -Oh look it is going to rain all week in Portugal.  How about we make a right instead of a left and drive up to Bordeaux, Loire Valley and then end in Paris by car.  Please.

Then I get on the phone and the computer and find places to stay.  We are booked in about 10 minutes in two hotels and I have extended our 2 day finale in Paris to four days.  Fred could not be happier.  I honestly could care less.

We drive up the coast towards Biarritz France.  An absolutely adorable beach town where surfing is abundant.  We pulled into the center of town, had lunch, and continued towards Bordeaux still listening to the Boys in The Boat and wondering if it will ever end.

rainbowBordeaux is wonderful.  The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It is amazing that all the buildings are still intact from the 1700’s.  It is old, beautiful and happening.  We got into our room and it starts to pour outside.  Here is the aftermath.  Maybe it is a sign from the gods we made the right choice.

castle?We walked over to dinner at La Tupina.  Kind of love a town where you can check in and get into your restaurant of choice in under two hours.   Check out this amazing arc entering into one area of the city.

fountainA gorgeous fountain on our walk too.

latulipaLa Tupina was packed.  I kind of want to come back here in the winter.  Love the rotisserie fireplace.

chickenSupposedly this place is one of the best bistros in the world.  Not sure I believe it but the food was simple and just fine.  Had my rotisserie Brest chicken and that was all I needed.

Looking forward to exploring Bordeaux tomorrow.