Women conversations

imgresMy friend and I were talking about women events and listservs and the conversations that take place on them this weekend.  Having just launched the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival applications for 2015 it was relevant to my personal reflections on the event each year.

I have been watching the conversations on the recently launched Women.com and have always been fascinated with the conversations that take place at the festival and listserv’s that I am on.  The topics are vast depending on the listserv.  I was expecting a lot more conversation around business and what I found is that those talks certainly take place but most of them are relegated to female fodder.  What I mean by that is anything from does anyone have a favorite cookware line to what is the right attire for a conference to best shopping sites to where to get a blow out in Chicago to how do I ask for a raise.

We are all looking for a connection to other women that we can talk about anything from where did you get those fantastic shoes to how do you get food in the fridge for your kids when you are in the middle of launching your start-up to damn I had a shitty day.  Finding those women who in the same space you are in your life is important or having women mentors who have been through it before.

I see it at the Festival because the ages span from 18-60+.  When you get a room of women together the conversations go everywhere and sometimes they are really taking a deep dive at your business and other times they are about the best place you just recently dined.

I guess I wonder if there were any listservs out there for men what kind of conversations would take place.  It probably would not be all business either but their fodder might be more relegated to sports, music or a good meal.  I am purely guessing here and perhaps being judgmental but I see those convos take place among the men I know.  They are generally not asking about where they got those amazing shoes.

Thinking of all of this at a birds eye view this is exactly why it is so important for companies to have an even balance of men and women in each area of the workplace because men and women both think differently, have different daily interests and are brains are just wired in a totally different way.  I just find it interesting.