True Gault…shoes for your foot

True Gault - Event Nov 21-23 2014 (2)Calling all women who love heels more than heels love them.  On November 21-23 True Gault is putting on an event on E 60th Street to get measured for you shoe.  True Gault is able to measure your foot on an IPad using 3D technology.   Truly your foot.  The beautiful thing about that is when you do get your shoe (picked by you and made for you) it is like putting on the perfect slipper.  Women go crazy for them because you can walk around in a 2″ or 4″ heel with out a care in the world.  As the company grows and more shoes, boots, sandals become available it is a no brainer to order because they have your foot on file.

Essentially, the future of footwear.  And yes, I am an investor.