Changing priorities

images-2My friend said this about something not related to me but it over vacation and it really stuck with me.  Changing priorities.

On the eve of a new year I am thinking a lot about changing priorities.  When it comes to year after year I actually think of September as the start of my new year but for a variety of reasons I am going to think about Jan 1 this year.

My sister says that every fall I come up with boundaries for myself so I can take it down a notch but I should keep in mind who is setting those boundaries as they slide down into an abyss.

This fall has been the beginnings of change for me.  We took a month long trip to acknowledge that we are now empty nesters.  Since then I have worked insanely hard, maybe harder than ever.  I enjoy the work, I love that I have tons of flexibility and there is obviously some pressing need to prove myself to me.  I am quite aware of the baggage trailing behind.
Back to the question, how do you change the priorities?  Life is always about balance no matter where you are.  Funny thing is I do not think my priorities are off.  I might just live like by the quote from Massimo Vignelli “One life is too short for doing everything.”

One thing I do know is that when I am in NYC I go full speed.  It is why I love this town.  As I get older it gets harder to maintain that.  That much I realize.  Maybe the movement from place to place for longer extended periods of time will help me so I am working on that this year.  Time in NYC, time in LA, time at the beach, and traveling too.

I am sure that there is a long list of things I need to do to slow it down and that is where my head is at.  Why aren’t there 30 hours in a day?  I am really excited about 2015.  I think this is the year I might just figure it all out.  I am sure my sister will get a big chuckle out of that.

Happy 2015 everyone!