Cornell Entrepreneur Summit 2014

I was asked to speak at the first annual Cornell Entrepreneur Summit.  It was a big success.  The event took place in the New York Times building and the auditorium there is a really great place to have an event.  The speeches over the course of the day were all roughly 20-30 minutes.  Scott Belsky was the moderator so if your speech didn’t take up the full 30 minutes he came in and asked some questions that came in from the audience up on the screen behind the speaker.

I spoke about women entrepreneurs and why I believe that the next revolution will be run by women.  It is a speech I do hope to make again.  If you get a chance it is worth watching all the talks.  I particularly loved the one from Hamdi Ulikaya, the entrepreneur behind Chobani yogurt.  His passion about yogurt and entrepreneurship is inspiring.

JOANNE WILSON – Gotham Gal from [email protected] on Vimeo.