Women Entrepreneurs

we_can_do_it__by_abranime-d7atri5The woman entrepreneur posts have slowed down a bit.  I used to do them every Monday but I have found that they are the hardest posts that I write.  Hard in regards to time and thought.   I have been at it now for 5 years.

I don’t see myself continuing to do this every Monday but hopefully a few Mondays a month.  Just when I think it is time to move on from this I get inspired.  Every single time I speak to one of the amazing Women Entrepreneurs I am constantly blown away by their stories, their lives, their energy and their drive.

What is clear to me is that 2014 has been a big year for women.  There is still a long road ahead but I hear from and talk to more and more women entrepreneurs now than 5 years ago.  They are each building their own companies in a variety of verticals.  I do believe that as more women start companies, more women create cultures that are supportive of women and families and more women build large companies we will begin to see a shift in regards to equal opportunities.  Equal opportunity is a broad term and when I say it I think about funding, hiring and respect for what they bring to the table.  I certainly hope that in 2015 we will see a shift.

January 2015 will be the 5th year of the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival.  I know that there has been a long tail to that event.  It is not only about women entrepreneurs but it is also about connecting to other women who are experiencing the same thing.  That women who are forging their own opportunities can connect with others who are in the same state of mind.  That is powerful.

Over the past 8 +years I have supported 45 women by making investments in their companies, their dreams.  I am pretty proud of that.
It is something that I will continue to do in 2015.  I will continue the posts too.  Not as frequently but it just seems that although the posts take time they have also become easier because more women entrepreneurs have realized that not only is it a viable career path it is one they crave.