Community College

images-1The data shows that education makes a difference.  People who graduate college do financially better and continue to get better at each level of education.

Costs, debt, real world skills (aka computer programming), MOOCs and other things will change education in the decades to come.

The importance of a community college education will change too.  I was blown away when Obama came out with his college education plan to extend our education system through the community colleges. It is brilliant.  I know that we are not a socialist country where their students can go for free until they graduate college and sometime even all the way through a MBA or a law degree but there is something to be said for that.  Everything is about education.  Just look at the majority of killings in the Middle East that are directly targeting education facilities and the education elite.

Obama is thinking about the future of our work force competing in the global world that we live in today.  Maybe it will give many who can’t even get through high school a reason to hit that milestone first.  He is giving many an opportunity to actually get a college education.  If students do well in those two years they can take those two years under their belt and even get into a four year school and leave without the massive debt that can be incurred in four years.

Republicans do not believe in anything where Government has to pay for this.  They’d prefer the privatization of everything.  The GOP’s desire to not spend money on our education system, not spend money on the infrastructure of our country (roads, bridges, tunnels, etc) but to spend money on a Keystone pipeline because they say it will create jobs is bullshit.  It is old school thinking.  Let’s make the groups that fund our elections happy and it will be good for all.  Really?

Elon Musk has changed the world with the Tesla.  Every other car maker is beginning to roll our the same concept.  What other amazing products will come from this innovation?  Smaller batteries, cleaner ways to fuel the world.  Maybe we won’t have to rely on oil but hey why should we be forward thinkers?

Yes the Democrats do the same damn thing as the Republicans when it comes to supporting the hand that feeds them.  Ok..I am getting off topic.  Can’t help myself.

It is a breath of fresh air to hear Obama actually be a leader by making changes that will be about changing the future.  He is leaving his mark on history.  Bravo.  I love the idea of our Government making community college available for all and I’d be happy to pay more taxes for it.