Post college jobs for the Millennial Generation

imgresI have been meeting with a variety of people who are starting to plot their next move out of college.  The majority of them are not sure where to go and how to exactly begin.  It appears from talking to most of them that their parents don’t either.  As much as parents feel connected to their kid, the millennial generation is a very different breed.

People born between 1980-1999 are millennials.  Many of the technology companies that we read about today are being built by this generation of kids.  They grew up wired and they were also a product of helicopter parents with tight schedules of playdates.

This generation has witnessed instability in the workplace from the banking world to companies downsizing and perhaps because of that so many are pursing entrepreneurship and jobs in start-up companies.

The opportunities to enter a space that is of interest to an upcoming college graduate is pretty broad.  Culture fit is so important.  It is about figuring out the two year plan vs the ten year plan.  If you want to be in the food industry then figure out which end of that industry and all the possible companies to work for.  Keep at it until you break in.  If it isn’t for you, try again.

I invested in Lynxsy to help students find jobs in the start-up companies that they are looking for.  Lynxsy is geared towards the non-tech jobs and there are plenty of them.  Every time I sit down with the entrepreneurs behind this company I get excited about what they are building and the kids that they are providing these opportunities for.  They get this generation because not surprising, they are millennials themselves.