To Los Angeles we go

images-2As always we plan in advance.  About three years ago we started discussing how great it would be to spend our winters in Los Angeles, CA when the kids had flown the coop.

I was born in Los Angeles.  Our entire family has ties back to LA from an internship I did there for a semester in college (that Fred came along with me for and postponed his thesis) to my sister living there for four years to my Grandmother who lived in Laguna to my brother and sister-in-law who moved to LA over 10 years ago to raise their daughters.  We have spent lots of time in LA.  I always feel at home the second I get off the plane.

So making a decision to spend an extended period of time in Los Angeles was an easy one.  The time has come.  Fred and I will be in LA as of next week.  My idea was to not come back to NYC until the temperatures gets above 50 degrees.  Not sure we will get there but we will make our way back to the east coast sometime in early April.

What’s great about what we do is that all we need to do is bring a phone, a computer and we can continue doing what we do.  And so…life won’t change except we will be a bit warmer this winter.