Girl Scouts and Brownies, two Woman Entrepreneurs

girlscoutsI was a Brownie and a Girl Scout.

My Mom was my brownie leader.  It was a weekly event where a bunch of young girls from 7-10 got together and did projects.  That is what I remember and not much else.  I do remember we did one campfire at the end of the year and that was pretty cool.

We moved when I was 9 from Ann Arbor Michigan to Arlington VA.  I joined the Girl Scouts at my new school.  I don’t remember why I stopped but I did at one point.  I admit I was mostly about trying to get as many badges as possible.

Needless to say selling the cookies was something I was quite good at.  So when I saw these cute girls selling their cookies the other day I had to stop and buy not one but two boxes.  I only had enough cash for two but am certainly I would have been a sucker for more if I had the cash.  Samoas have always been a fave.  They had a new one called tagalongs with chocolate and peanut butter.  One of these young ladies told me it was her favorite so I was sold.  They even have a gluten free choice now.

Each box is $5.  I know all of the funds raised goes back to the troops but to me the best lesson is learning how to sell.  Keeping track of your cookies and moving as many as possible.  Being creative on where you sell them.

These two girls chose a choice spot in front of a grocery store.  I hope they killed it.