imgresFrank Bruni wrote a piece in the NYX this past Sunday titled The Vaccine Lunacy.  I love his editorials but this one was so spot on and the title in itself says it all.

I have written about this topic before.  Why has mostly an upper middle class group of educated people made the decision that it is ok not to vaccinate their children?  Are they not clued in on history?  Are they oblivious to the reasons that vaccinations exist?  Is it the fear of autism although if you look at the odds vs how many people get immunized it is almost nil.  Is it an attitude of I can do whatever I want.  I am a crazy overbearing parent who is so entitled that I can choose whatever I want for my child?  I could continue forever but I will take a breather.

I honestly do not know the answer but there has been an outbreak of measles recently in California that has spread to other parts of the country because of people not immunizing their children.  I can’t help myself but rant on this one.

There was a tweet that I retweeted over the weekend that I thought was appropriate.  If my kid can’t bring peanut butter to school, yours shouldn’t be able to bring preventable diseases.  

When you take your kids to school they make you have all your medical records on file at the school or your child can not attend.  I believe that some people might get a pass from a doctor for “religious beliefs” in regards to not getting their kid immunized.  If your kid isn’t immunized then you should be forced to home school them.  It is not ok to expose the rest of the world to these parents insanity.  Their kids will eventually grow up and most of them will realize that they have left them exposed to diseases that should have been wiped off the planet a long long time ago.