Mar Vista Greenmarket

marketOne of my all time favorite things to do is go to the Greenmarket.  It is hard to hold myself back from going ridiculously crazy with food purchases but I do try.  My brother took me on a food tour of his fave places at the Greenmarket.

yogurtsWe started at Aris yogurt.  Might be the best yogurt I have ever had.  Super rich, does not fall off the spoon yet creamy and absolutely delicious.  An entire container is only 180 calories which is pretty surprising.  We got two kinds; fig and and pumpkin.  Subtle yet layered with hints of honey and sweets on both.  I forgot to pick up their goat cheese with jalapenos so I plan on returning next week.

trying orangesThere are a few citrus vendors.  Each of them have these small stands out to try each of the different oranges.  Super smart.  Fun to taste too.

eggsFarm fresh eggs makes all the difference.  I particularly like them when they come from the hen house into my house without ever hitting the refrigerator.

orangesMore oranges and lemons…all citrus including Grapefruits too.

tomatoesI saw these cherry tomatoes and thought…SUMMER!  The taste is pretty damn close to summer.

purenolaPicked up a small jar of this healthy granola to sprinkle over the yogurt at breakfast time.

salsaFresh salsa that start from mild to super hot.  They also had pumpkin seed butter.

broccoliniLoved how they already had done the work for you with the broccolini.

cherimoyaCherimoya.  This guy had an array of fruits for South American cooking.

figsgaloreI never realized how many different varieties of dates were available.

oliveoilsThis farm has three kinds of olive trees.  I went with the buttery medium flavored oil.

berriesThe berries melt in your mouth.

peanutsFresh roasted peanuts that smelled amazing.

mushroomsOnly mushrooms from this farm.

strawberriesSweetest strawberries.  Bought a few baskets.

yogurtOf course at the end of all this is the Free Speech Zone.  Nobody appeared to be talking but conceptually I did like the idea.

Fantastic farmers market.  Looking forward to my weekly purchases.