The Truth God

imagesI have never been one for holding back.  I just have never operated that way.  Certainly as I have aged my ability to be perhaps a little more nuanced has set in but not always.

As an investor I always want to be supportive.  I also want to hear the bad with the good.  You have to.  Hearing the bad is never pretty.  It weighs on everyone and is rarely pleasant.  It just isn’t easy.

Oh there are the times of pure bliss.  A board meeting where everything comes together.  The team is on, the investors are on, the entrepreneur is brilliant and everything is rocketing upward.  Those are the times when you walk out of a meeting walking on air.

This past week I have had a few conversations that are tough.  One in particular where I was brutally honest about the brand, the presentation and it was really about personal style.  I have had a few of those conversations over the years.  Each time the person on the other end knows exactly what I am talking about.  At these times I consider myself the truth god.

It is important in the early stage world of investing to sometimes get a reality check.  Everything always seems rosy or at least you want them to be rosy but having someone be that bearer of truth from another perspective can actually be a breath of fresh air.