images-1There is nothing like getting validation.  It can be about anything.  For instance…you look great today, this is an amazing meal you made, I love what you did with your house.   It could also be like this when it comes to business.  Your business mades sense.  You are on to something.  You are doing the right thing by moving in that direction.

Not sure why but for some reason but women crave validation in a very different way than men.  This is purely an observation I have made.  I see it at the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival.  Having a room of 400 women applauding each other at some level creates this inspiring powerful feeling that women definitely do well with.  Men are happy to get it but they don’t need it as much to empower them.

On the other hand, the women of the millennial generation are very supportive of each other.  When I was growing up in business women had very sharp elbows.  Maybe because I was at an all-women’s college but I even see that women’s friendships now are different than they were.  Women cheerlead each other in a way that feel good.

The many women entrepreneurs I work with reach out to me when it comes to working through different things.  Sometimes they just need validation that what they are doing makes sense.  It is like getting a second opinion.

Perhaps more men do this than I have noticed but it just happens differently.  Personally, as a woman, nothing wrong with a little validation now and then.