Wearables, wearables, wearables

unnamedWearable is certainly a hot topic these days.  The definition is accessories using technology.  Although there is a much bigger picture than that.

The wearable market includes anything from Fitbit to Ringly to the Apple Watch (when it is available).  Each one does different things.  Fitbit can track your activity including activity, exercise and sleep.  Ringly connects you to your phone so if your phone is somewhere deep inside your handbag and you can’t hear it ringly lights up so you know your phone is ringing.  You can program it for your own needs.  The Apple will probably do a little bit of everything.  That is one end of the market.

There is also new fabrics that are coming on to the market.  Fabrics that will change the face of military wear in regards to heat, wind and cold resistances.  There will be fabrics that block the sun from your skin.  Fabrics that have scents, that moisturize the skin, that are so pliable that you can develop unique clothing.

It is all quite fascinating to see where this is all going.  I happen to be a bigger fan of the fabrics than I am of the wearables.  Fabrics have always been changing for as long as I can remember.  Yet this time around the fabrics will take design and the word wearable to another level.

I don’t find the personal wearables all that interesting.  The look and feel of them are so incredibly personal.  What is more interesting to me is the actual middleware behind these products.  The middleware is essentially a computer software that is behind the operating systems of these wearable products focusing on specific purposes.  That is the key to all your personal data.  How far did you run, how many calories did you burn, how did you sleep, etc. and that is recorded and kept for you on your app but it is the middleware behind it that makes this work.

I believe the future is that everything you buy from a watch (costume or high end) to a costume ring or perhaps even a belt will have a small opening for you to move your data chip like you have your phone chip.  That chip will allow you to stay with the middleware company that you connect to in order to keep and track your data.  You can take it with you as you move from wearable to wearable.

I am an investor in Focus Motion and that is where I am placing my bets.