dressing for success??

imagesEvery industry, every event and every occasion used to have a quasi-rule book about what you are supposed to wear.  The world has gone casual.

When I was in my 20’s my Grandmother made me dress up to go to the bank with her.  It wasn’t like she lived in a city.  She lived in Laguna Beach which in the 80’s could not have been more chill.  Yet that was the world she came from.  Today I can go to the bank although now there are ATM machines in my sweat pants and nobody would blink.
I was living in LA when I’d go hang with my Grandma in Laguna.  I didn’t know about the dressed down look in LA yet.  I went to work everyday and had my work look.  One of the first Saturdays that I arrived I had brunch with one of my Mom’s dearest friends who we called Aunt Lolly.  I dressed up in my Saturday best.  My “aunt” showed up for brunch wearing a purple velour sweat suit.  It was a total aha moment about dressing for success.
Fast forward we enter the world of serious casual.  Heads of companies dress up hoodies and shlumpy jeans.  People in the tech industry are incredibly casual. It appears to be bleeding into other industries too.  I have very mixed feelings about the super casual look for all events.  Even the President doesn’t wear a tie all the time anymore.  It is a reflection of our times.
There was once a saying that clothes make the man/woman.  Maybe I am old fashioned but I kind of still believe in the importance of dressing for the part.  I am going to share one of my favorite things my Grandmother used to say.  Better overdressed than underdressed.  I think she knew what she was talking about.