Code, Debugging the Gender Gap

imgresWe saw a few movies this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Two were not worth seeing; The Wannabee and Tumbledown.  My guess is that the only way you will ever see those two are on an airplane or a random Netflix purchase.

There was one that we did see that I hope you will be able to see anywhere.  Code, Debugging the Gender Gap.  This documentary, made by Robin Hauser Reynolds, was incredibly well done.  It is about closing the gender gap around computer science while adding diversity to the workforce of computer programmers.

The film shows the past and brings us to the future with facts. She interviews young girls, women CTO’s, women software programmers, women teaching CS and espousing the importance at colleges and more.

You walk away understanding the challenge with the realization that it starts with the youth.  That we can and must change the trajectory of women learning how to code.  How learning to code is an essential part of our future….and theirs.