Going after the older generation….that’s me

12talk-blog427-v2I have been following fashion trends as far back as I can remember.  I own the last 30 years of September Vogues.  I still get all the fashion mags delivered monthly.  Fashion is a fascinating business.  It is directly tied to the times we live in.

There have been times when more celebrities have graced the covers of magazines and spreads.  There have been times where it has only been models.  Young beautiful svelte women (and men) have been a constant for years dressed in the latest and greatest.  The new “it” model of each generation stands out. They wear the clothes well, like hangers.

There has been a backlash to the epitome of overly thin that even France has banned models deemed to be too thin based on weight and height on the runway.  In the magazines, photoshop can take care of that.

As we enter a time where aging seems to be more accepted even embraced. Health and wellness is becoming part of our daily life conversations.  Being comfortable in your own skin vs wanting to not look your age has shifted.  We all want to feel and look healthy, nothing more.

Seeing fashionably older women in the fashion magazines these days is insanely refreshing.  Truth is it makes sense.  Age is being celebrated.  More than anything else, who do you think can afford those clothes?