imgresThere was a point where we belonged to three different theater groups.  It was overwhelming.  I found that over the years that sometimes the plays were good and sometimes they were great and most of the time they were just ok.  In the land of theater I think you have to see a lot of bad stuff to get that one incredible experience.

We are taking a new path.  We are no longer going to buy tickets in advance when the cast looks good and crossing our fingers.  Instead we are going to just suck it up and pay up for the theater we want to see.

We went to see Skylight this past weekend.  It is only playing for a limited time of I believe six weeks.  This is the type of theater I love.  Funny, poignant, emotional, raw, intelligent and no music.  All three actors were excellent.  Cary Mulligan, Bill Nighy and Matthew Beard.   The play is written by David Hare.   If you can get tickets, go.