Testing Meats

brisketI made brisket last night for Passover.  I usually order a brisket from Dicksons but instead ordered one from the new butcher down the street, El Colmado.  We ended up not getting the full amount that I wanted so we picked up a second piece of meat at Citarella.  I figured it would be great to do a little taste test.

I should have taken a picture of the raw meat.  The different is huge.  The one from El Colmado was beautiful.  A healthy piece of meat that has been treated with care without added hormones and more than likely grass fed.  Citarella’s meat doesn’t look like that.

I started buying meat from local butchers almost a decade ago.  Now I wouldn’t buy anywhere else unless I had no choice.  Particularly after last night’s taste test.  The difference between the two meats was not only obvious to the eye it was obvious to the taste.  Those meats were the same size.  They cooked in the oven at 225 in a sauce for 10 hours in the same pot.  The meat from El Colmado was perfect.  Tasty, falling apart, had absorbed the sauce and was delicious.  The Citarella meat would have needed to cook another 10 hours to capture that and even then it would not have been the same thing.

It wasn’t like I didn’t expect these results but seeing them and tasting them really drives the issue home.  If you are going to eat meat, buy it from a local butcher who sources the meat from grass fed quality farms that don’t administer hormones or antibiotics at any point in the life of the animal.  The difference is incredible.

If you haven’t figured out which is which from the photo the meat on the left is from El Colmado and the meat on the right is from Citarella.