“aha” moments

imgresThis question came up the other day that I thought would make a great post.  What were your “aha” moments at each juncture of your career.  I think of those “aha” moments as forks in the road.  I got to a place where it was time to go down a different path.

I have been extremely lucky because I have had so many “aha” moments.  Those multiple shifts are part of who I am, what I have learned and my decision making process.  I love that I have had so many careers.  Who knows maybe another one is in my future.

Here are my “aha” moments in one long paragraph.

Fun in high school, rose colored glasses off, realized I needed to go to a place where I could get a job once I graduated.  Chose a school so out of my comfort zone but was a wise decision.  Was in a long term relationship that was not healthy and got out.  Was best friends with Fred at the time.  Started a life time relationship with Fred.  Took a job at Macy’s.  Macy’s goes private, not moving fast enough for me, leave.  Took a job in the garment center.  Each year move forward into new jobs because I got bored.  Four jobs in total.  Last stop in the garment center realized it was time to just get out.  Stayed at home with our kids for a few years.  Time to return to work.  Worked a few jobs and decided it was all about the Internet.  Was the number two at Silicon Alley Reporter.  Company decided not to sell so I left.  Chaired Mouse.  Thought it was important for our kids to see us give back.  Left Mouse and stayed home for an extended period of time figuring out what’s next.  Started blogging.  Started investing.  Co-chaired the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival.  Always thinking about the next.  There are a few more ahas in there but that’s the gist.

What’s next?  What was your “aha” moment?