Frieze, Nada and Contemporary African Art Fair

I made the rounds to all three art fairs in NYC this past weekend.  The Frieze was overwhelming but really good.  More sculpture this year and and more than a handful of artists who are working with fabrics.  Lots of color too.  The African Art Fair although small was really worth going to see.  I was really intrigued by much of the work there.  Nada was a total disappointment.

ee5Bh81DDYWzmbNox52QrNOrp6MIJRTHDzSf-RbBtU8Ian Cheng.  Photography meets 3D meets technology.  Very cool.

artHighlights from the day.  This is from the Freize.  Sadie Laska.

watermelonsNatalia LL from Warsaw.

kentisaKen Tisa

yinkaYinka Shonibare

monirsculptureMonir Shahroudy

nathancarterNathan Carter

flowerscultpureLarge outdoor sculpture.  Missed the artists name.

itsnotwhathappensJohn Giorno

philipallenPhilip Allen

aimempaneFrom the African Art show.  Aime Mpane.  All chiseled by hand.

peterclarkePeter Clarke.

That’s the show.  I am exhausted.