Twist Your Spirits

twistI met Alison Dinerstein through my sister-in-law.  They were in NYC this past week and I got to spend sometime with both of them.  It was like having an adult slumber party with your girlfriends.  They are both amazing women who are not only sharp business women but wonderful mothers and good friends.  They both come to NYC every year together for a girls trip.  I get to enjoy the benefits.

Alison is a displaced NYer who has been living in LA for the past two decades.  She has been working on a few different businesses over the past few years.  She recently launched her latest venture called Twist Your Spirits.  Cocktails are chic.  What Alison has created is a curated box of products that you add to a particular alcohol to create a cocktail.  Super simple, well packaged and just smart.

You could take it on plane, you can take it on a picnic, you can use it for a dinner party, you can use it for cocktails…I could go on and on.  Making a cocktail is not easy but if the ingredients are already portioned out and all you have to do is open, add and stir well that makes life a lot easier.

I am not the only one who thinks this is clever.  She is starting to sell it to businesses and you can always buy your favorite online.  Great gift too.  The names are clever too.  Right now the premier collection is available for purchase.  More summer editions coming.

I plan on taking full advantage of Twist Your Spirits as we head into the cocktail hour.