7 Words to describe yourself

imgres-2Paul Holdengraber has been creating interesting conversations at the NYPublic Library the last several years.  His salons are unique and really interesting.  Paul loves to think big and he definitely is honest about what he gets and doesn’t.  That is why I think he loves putting on these events to challenge his own thinking.

One of the things he does is when he introduces people he uses 7 word autobiographies to describe them.  A twist on the age old bio.  I was at something the other day and the entrepreneur said something about living with a tough loving mom and a nice father.  That was a short description but it said a mouthful.

What are the 7 words you would use to describe yourself?  It is a good exercise to go through personally but also for your business.

Here is an attempt at my own:  Curious, Energetic, Bold, Mother, Optimist, Connoisseur, Trend-seer