Change is good

imagesI can come up with a million reasons why I love change but I do have a hard time understanding why everyone doesn’t embrace change.  Change is inevitable.  Change is happening everywhere.  Cities are changing, homes are being rebuilt based on how we live our lives now vs 30 years ago, our businesses are being shifted due to technology and the environment that they have to compete in, educating students is changing because the students are different than they were 30 years ago, styles are changing as they always do and that is from home decor to haircuts to clothing.

There is a shift across the globe into the next generation.  Just take a look at the ads and the consumer that they are geared towards.  That says it all.  The millennials are the next generation who has influence over the way we consume everything from style to food to products to educating their children.  They are the next generation of leaders.  I hope that they are not as cranky about change as some past generations and that they embrace it as we should embrace theirs.

These changes that take place with every new generation represent the now.  You can just look back at old photos of anything and pinpoint the time it took place.  We are constantly evolving and that is a good thing.  It is not always easy for older generations to embrace that change even if they were all about change at a young age.  Fighting against a changing tide is exhausting because the tide always wins.  Instead we should all enjoy the wave.

My Grandma was so into every new season of fashion.  She’d relish the new look each year and was totally into what people were wearing now, how interiors and architecture changed, and essentially the new new now now.  I love that she was like that until her last day.  Maybe it is innate but everyone should embrace change.  Otherwise it is becomes boring when you don’t move forward.

Sherry Turkle, a professor at MIT said something that I really liked about change when it comes to what is happening today.  Technology doesn’t just change what we do; it changes who we are.  I think that can be applied to anything when it comes to change.