The next generation is here

imgres-2I am a fiend for cultural information.  That is a broad theme.  I pay attention to the ads, the fashion spreads, the home design trends, the food trends, etc.   There is no doubt that the next generation is here.  There is a look and vibe that many refer to with the word Brooklyn in the description.  That was cutting edge a few years back.  Now it is part of the masses.  This is being driven by the millennials desire to stay cutting edge and baby boomers wish cash to spend.  It is the new modern.

Walking around the city and seeing the large chains take over each block is disheartening but is it what is happening now.  Those chains are even companies that were not that long ago start-up brands such as Vince, Warby Parker, Chipolte, Rag and Bone, Lululemon, West Elm and Steven Alan.  They are capitalizing on the urbanization of the globe.  The real estate owners are jacking up prices as cities become more crowded and cash is flowing in.  It is gentrification coming at us fast and furious.  There appears to be very little room for creativity unless it is in the outskirts of major hubs.

What we really need is to put serious capital into our transportation system so that people can afford to live in areas that have access to cities.  That connection will pull the creativity to other places.  This generation is here.  They are living their lives differently than the last generation.  They have a look, a vibe, a feel and a way that they want to live their lives which includes how to raise their families, spend their money, eat their food, consume products and travel.

I can’t help but try and peek around the corner to see what is coming up next…