A project and interviews

images-2We are undergoing a few projects here at the Wilson house.  There is one that has become a bit of a family collaboration which is a really good thing.  Part of the process has been interviewing architects.  It has been really interesting.  We met four groups in one day.  I can’t help but compare it to the start-up world.  Although we talked about the same thing in each meeting, the conversations were all completely different and we learned a lot from each meeting.  Just like a founder goes out and talks to investors, from the angels at the start to the VC’s when different series take place, each meeting is different.  You connect with some, you don’t connect with others and you learn a lot along the way.

There were two comments made over the course of the day that I continue to think about.  We commented to one architect how his work does not have a theme, that most of his work looks different and that there appears to be a process to each that created different environments.  He said his biggest fear was losing that pursuit of new, new ideas and new concepts.  He told us a story about a good friend that he went to graduate school with who became a professor.  There was a professor that they both revered in graduate school.  His friend now teaches at the same institution that they went to.  He commented to him the other day “Remember that professor that we thought was so incredible and really inspired us well guess what, he is stuck in the 80’s”?  The architect that we were speaking to said that is his biggest fear becoming stuck in a time warp.

I think that the constant creativity and desire for pushing the envelope is something I always look for in an entrepreneur.  To be able to evolve your product, your team and your business is so important otherwise you hit a wall.  Most people hit walls at points.  People stop listening to new music and are super comfortable listening to the same artists that they listened to 30 years ago.  Some people are comfortable in the same haircut that they had at 20 for life.  Some people are happy with the same clothing that they wore in college even at 50.  I get it but from a business angle I want to see someone who is happy with change, they crave it.

Then this architect made a comment that really resonated on many levels.  He basically said that if he doesn’t feel uncomfortable during the process then he isn’t doing his job.  I believe that every founder should feel uncomfortable as they grow businesses because that forces you to be creative.  It is the mistakes, the failures, the sleepless nights, the uncertainty that creates great companies.  There are so many factors when you build something and if at every turn you feel completely as ease then you are not pushing for more.

What is the most interesting is how each architect went through the process of an idea to a home.  All the same but all so very different.  It was a fascinating day, a lot of think about and a great start to a long process.