more on Dream, Girl

I met Erin when she began the journey of making this film, Dream, Girl.  I wanted this film to get made from the very get-go.  I reached out to her when I watched the Kickstarter campaign get underway.  I tweeted, I shared and gave her advice on how to hit her goal.  I was thrilled when she did.  I was also honored to be asked to be in this film.

Erin came back to me with the updates on the film and asked if I knew some people who would be interested in putting money into her film to get it over the line.  I said I would and I have pulled in a few other women.   This video was just released about the film, there will be more before the actual film is premiered.  Every time I watch one of these clips I get teary.  They are powerful and that is why I got involved.

If you watch this and feel the same way and have any interest in supporting this film financially…there is still some room for a few other investors.  Reach out to me directly.  Now watch the clip.