ratatoI am going to work on better photo taking of food this summer.  Summer is where I do a lot of cooking and in turn post a few recipes.

A good ratatouille is a combination of great produce and the kitchen sink.  You can add or subtract anything you want in it.  Here is the one that I made this week.  I might have to make it again but I can guarantee it will never be quite the same.

One of the key things is to sauteing each vegetable separately and then setting it aside in a large bowl until the bowl is filled with each vegetable you want in the dish.  At one point I added some red chili flakes to the oil to spice things up.  I also put in a new bunch of basil leaves with stems into each batch of vegetables.  Both of these things add flavor.  Salt and pepper as you go along too.  In the end I tossed in cold chopped tomatoes and chopped fresh basil.  You can serve this room temperature or warm.

In a very large deep saute pan cover the bottom with olive oil.  These vegetables are in the order of what I used below.

Large eggplants

Small eggplants (thin long pieces that came from an organic farm)

Sweet onions cut into cubes

Small green and yellow squash (small short round pieces that also came from an organic farm)

Red peppers cubed

Corn kernels (cut from the cob)



Great with anything!