Social Media is a voice

imgresJournalism has always had a voice.  Articles have shed light on atrocities, reporters have uncovered stories that have been under wraps for decades.  Now we have social media.

There is something incredible about the ability to show or tell  a story publicly through a medium without having to talk to an audience but at the same time connect to an audience.  We have all heard stories of police brutality, rough neighborhoods where innocent people were hurt or killed, improper convictions, etc.  Most of these people never had the ability to let their voices be heard but through social media the rest of us are getting a lens into some of their daily lives.  The reaction is a movement pushing bystanders to stand up and say wait a second…this should not be happening.  Social media is giving people whose voices have rarely been heard be heard.

The “Cosby” women who have come out (and found each other) around the supposed rapes that have taken place over decades might not have shared their stories if it wasn’t for social media.

I just keep thinking about the voice of social media.  There is a slow rumbling of a movement afoot.  Having a platform for unspoken voices to finally speak up is not only empowering for those people but seriously enlightening for all of us.