Union Square Cafe

I love Union Square Cafe.  We have been going there since the doors opened.  I honestly can not count the many times that we have dined there for lunch and dinner.  It is a classic.  The doors will be closing soon but reopening in a brand new location on Park and 21st.  Not that far from where they are now….and most important close enough to Union Square Park Greenmarket where the chef shops.

It was Fred’s bday this past week and we were in the city.  We chose USC to celebrate with the whole family…we also wanted to get one last meal in the old location.  It was top on our priority list.

oystersDinner was so good.  We began with a glass of champagne and oysters.

crabsEveryone had an appetizer too.  Crispy soft shell crab in a corn-coconut broth with nectarines and Thai bird chiles.

carpacciousBeef sirloin carpaccio with crispy artichokes and shaved parm over the top.  This was amazing.

tomatoTomato salad.  I can’t help ordering it anywhere and everywhere in August.   Perfect with a little basil and herbed goat cheese.

scallopsThere was also a scallop crudo with avocado puree, spiced melon and cilantro

frascatelli with cornWe split a few pastas for the table.  Frascatelli with pancetta, sweet corn and black pepper cream.  You could eat it with a spoon.  Super creamy.

pastatomatogarlicCavatelli with eggplant, spicy tomato sauce and ricotta salata was too heavy on the garlic for me.

pearavioliSweet pea and ricotta ravioli was amazing.  I do love how the chef is creative with each dish using the products of the season.  Corn was a favorite tonight.

barstewMain courses.  Octopus, cod and mussel brodetto was really interesting.  There were also spicy pork meatballs and shisito peppers in this.  Nice kick.  I am not a huge fan of cod.  I find it too light and not that interesting but the other parts of this entree really sparked my interest.

swordfishSwordfish with a fava bean hummus, quinoa salad and olivado.  Tasted like a perfect summer evening.

smokedpaprikaThere were a few other entrees on the table but these are the ones I captured.   This side dish was amazing.  Corn, butter and smoked paprika.  Simple and addictive.

banantartsDessert was a must.  The USC banana tart has been around forever.  It still reigns supreme.  Gooey bananas over a macadamia brittle and honey-vanilla ice-cream.

chocoalteSalted chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and ice milk.

threberryparfairGrilled peach sundae with cherries, black pepper cream and cream cheese ice cream.

blueberrypieBlueberry with an oatmeal crumble and sweet corn ice cream on top.  Wow.

Incredible meal, great celebration and a nice send off from us to USC.  Looking forward to seeing the next generation of USC.