Sayings that resonate

imagesI had been involved with an executive search.  It is a fascinating experience.  We have had the privilege of meeting with some really interesting people.  Some of their tidbits have really resonated with me.  Of course each of them apply to any company particularly a start-up.

My favorite line was that someone said that they were given the autonomy to fail.  That is big.  I am a big believer in that.  Micro-managing doesn’t do anyone any good.  It doesn’t let your employees grow and it doesn’t create a healthy environment.  Giving autonomy is giving trust.

Then I heard someone say we were encouraged to be curious.  Curiosity is the key to life.  It keeps you engaged and your mind active.  Particularly when it comes to children.  All children should be encouraged to be curious and ask as many questions as possible.

Here are a few others.  Constantly manage your environment.  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  No generation can take a vacation from history.  Good managers think dimensionally and hire people better than them.

I am loving all of these bits of wisdom.   Particularly the one about autonomy to fail.