I met Marisa Weiss a few years ago.  I was introduced by a breast cancer survivor.  Her story is amazing.  Her endless support as a doctor and champion around breast cancer from research to building a support system is tireless and deserves applause. just relaunched their site.  It is grounded in the deep medical expertise of Just as medical research guides’s information for a woman with breast cancer to help her make the best decisions for her care, this organization also provides science-proven steps to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Only 10% of breast cancers are due to an inherited genetic mutation. This means that 90% of breast cancers primarily depend on the lifestyle, reproductive and environmental factors—many of which can be modified to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer or its recurrence.  A recent paper by Dr. Graham Colditz claims that breast cancer incidence could be reduced by 68% if breast health promotion starts with our girls and continues through life: eliminating obesity, eating mostly a plant-based diet of real unprocessed foods, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol, utilizing breastfeeding, and avoiding pharmaceutical estrogens/progestin products.

The video is a worthy watch.