I have written about Story before and the founder Rachel Shechtman but after going to the new Story I have to write again.  Every 4-8 weeks the story completely changes.  It is brilliant, pure and simple.  It is always an insane amount of work.  I had lunch with Rachel and we walked over to the Story to see the latest installment.  She was beyond excited about this installment and visibly glad that it was complete.  The creativity and production that goes into these “labs” for consumers, brands is intense.

This store has multiple gifts for yourself, friends and family for the holidays.  I have gone back twice now and made a few purchases.  I will return again.  Everything is hard not to want to bring home.  Here are a few of my favorites.

storyshoesThese shoes are perfect for emoji lovers.  Each day you can change the emoji based on how you are feeling.

chanelCoco Chanel’s gospel

makeoutOne wall of items.  I got a chuckle out of the pillow that says “just seriously let’s make out”.

hatsscarvesHats and scarves.  The hat with the pom-pom is clever.  It comes with different colors so you can snap a new one on based on your mood that day.  Pink?  Black?

storyopeningThe spread at the front door.

fuckinggeniusHere is a pouch for items but to me it describes the store.

comfortzoneI bought this for my desk.

womenknoweverythingI got this too.

stomrtopassKinda loved this.

productsProducts for the bath and kitchen.



jewishdogRaising a Jewish dog?

tshirtKids stuff galore.  I loved this t-shirt.  There are a few different ones.


fireplaceThis ventless fireplace is pretty sweet.

Worth a visit!