I do love real estate

Flip_BlueI have been making real estate investments for a long time.  Not only in the brick and mortar world but also in technology companies that are changing the real estate world.

My first investment was in Curbed.  Curbed is pure content in the real estate space.  It attracts all seekers who are fascinated with the every changing world of real estate.  Turned out to be a smart investment as Curbed is now part of Vox Media.

Then I continued on.  Next came Nestio.  A company I wrote about earlier in the week.  One that just closed a round of funding.

Others followed.  Sweeten a marketplace that connects contractors and other experts for your renovation no matter how big or small.  Architizer the largest data base for architects to source and then buy products.  CoUrbanize a platform that helps residents, real estate developers, city planners and municipalities build better cities together.  I’d even add Tactile Finance to this.  It makes home financing clearer.  Something certainly needed after seeing the mess mortgages got the banks into.

I have added a few others to the mix.  Bridgit construction punch list software.  What I loved about this it not only the product but the founder grew up in the construction world.  She gets it.

The other one is called Flip.  They launch today.  They are tackling something that nobody else has.  Flip is reimagining the concept of a lease.  They want to simplify the experience of getting on and off of a property rental lease with a few clicks.  How?  They are turning the lease into a liquid asset class that can be transferred from one person to another.   Legally, when you are on a lease you have something called “leasehold interest.” Your leasehold interest is property that you can take to market.  

Soon there will be also be a Flip Report to qualify yourself as a worthy tenant.  This will make the process seamless for anyone.  You can continue to update that profile as the years move forward so you can easily get an apartment that has been flipped.  

Flip is a secondary marketplace for leases, allowing anyone to buy a lease directly from the outgoing tenant or sell a lease that they no longer want.  Flip is giving power to the tenants to unlock the inherent value of their leases with new tools for reviewing and approving tenant applications, they are bringing the lease into the 21st century

This next generation is becoming more transient.  When you find your first apartment in NYC it doesn’t last forever.  Roommates leave and sometimes you want to leave them.  I knew Flip was on to something when my daughter told me her roommate is moving to LA.  Her question was…can I put the apartment up on Flip?