The Year My Mother Came Back

imgres-1I am pretty sure that this book, The Year My Mother Came Back, showed up next to my bedside table because a publisher sent it to me to read.  Whoever you are…thank you.

Every mother should read this.  It is memoir that tells us stories about being a mother and all that goes through your head and at the same time as she is having a rekindled relationship with her mother who died 30 years ago.

My relationship with my Mom was complicated.  She was amazing on many levels but as she got older and I got older our relationship changed dramatically.  I know why but knowing why doesn’t make it easier.  Pecking order, personalities, experiences and all the rest make everything unique in our relationships with our parents.

This book really gave me a lot to reflect on.  I am pretty sure it will have a lasting effect….I might start to see my Mom more often in my dreams.  Yep, I am pretty sure I will.