War is not healthy

unnamed-4I was looking through an artist’s blog roll the other day and stumbled upon this piece.  She wrote underneath it..Mom 1968.

My Mom had this necklace too.  It was created by Another Mother for Peace in 1967.  An advocacy group opposed to the Vietnam war.  The group was “dedicated to eliminating the use of war as a means of solving disputes among nations, people and ideologies.  To accomplish this, we seek to educate citizens to take an active role in opposing war and building peace.”

The organization appears to be on life support.  The last newsletter went out in 2012 and the last post was 2009.  Based on where the world is today the piece seems naive.  Although perhaps it is the mothers that need to be the voice around the world.  History has shown us that when mothers have had enough and fear for their children’s life then things change.  I could point to several times from peace treaties to MADD (although I am not convinced we need those laws anymore).  Maybe I am being naive.

More than anything that piece made me reflect on my mother.  She has been gone now for 5 years this December.  I get together with my sister and my Mom’s best friend from 8 years old every December to remember her life.  Yesterday was our annual lunch.  It is a wonderful tradition.  We get together at Gramercy Tavern and talk shop, look at old pictures and chat about my Mom.  She was an entrepreneur, a liberal and in many ways a woman ahead of her time.  Her life ended too early.  She would have loved to see me and my sister working together on the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival.  She would have been right there beside us building Wefest with the endless desire to pay it back to help women move forward.