Another week in LA

A few highlights of last week.  My friend picked me up and was determined to take me to Pie ‘n Burger in Pasadena.  It was fun.  We drove up and back to Pasadena mid-day so no traffic.

burgerpiesThe place is super old school.  One long counter with wooden chairs that rotate.  There are a few tables but it is really all about the counter.  The menu is not too big but considering the place is called Pie ‘n Burger that seems to be logical.  A pretty good burger with lettuce, cheddar cheese, soft bun and russian dressing.  An order of fries on the side.  Then the pie to take home.  If you bring your plate back you get $1 off the next pie.  I brought the apple pie home.  Supposedly the best.  Great spot.

broccoli1Then we went to Hatchet Hall later in the week.  Again, the family style but the portions are really not for family style.  The service was super slow.  Outside is very civilized and inside is super loud.  The best thing we had was the grilled broccoli with melted raclette and breadcrumbs.  Not looking to rush back here.

dudleyAs the week continued we did brunch on Saturday morning at Dudley Market.  Adorable place with a good menu and good food.  The eggs are so yellow they are almost orange.  Farm fresh!  Also lots of olives oils, jellies, and other products to buy including fresh eggs to bring home.  Certainly returning.

eisenhowerdeskThe art shows were all weekend.  The show at the Santa Monica Hanger (Contemporary Art Show) is small with good galleries.  We loved these pieces.  I had seen them earlier in the week on the blogs.  This is of Eisenhowers desk.  Soon it will be in our office.

We also made our way downtown to the art show at the Convention.  Not great but insanely crowded.  Art has become a bigger part of the cultural landscape here and it is a welcome sign.  It was obvious from the crowds that they are filling a much needed hole.

sushiWe wrapped up with an omakase at Kiriko.  The sushi out here is always incredible.

Los Angeles is a wonderful place to spend our winters.