Flying in to LA

LA2I flew into LA and instead of reading or grabbing on to those few last seconds that I can still get wifi,  I stared out the window.  There is something magical about flying into a city.  To see how the city is built, the size, the land underneath it, the traffic patterns or just to stare at an insanely beautiful skyline.

LAWhat is absolutely mind-blowing about flying into LA is not only the immense size but the concrete sprawl.  In the distance you can see downtown LA.  The buildings shoot up on the horizon.  Then the mountains jut up behind the city and believe it or not over those mountains there is a bit more sprawl.

LA1There are some trees, some swatches of greenery, pools, tennis courts, stadiums and then on the other side is a beautiful long beach that appears to travel forever.

I really like this city.  I just wish I could get around it easier.